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November 2005

11/29/05 An "independent voice" speaks. The Bucharest Daily news carries an article by Rupert Wolfe Murray castigating the US Congress for requesting Romania repeal its law forbidding ICA. Wolfe Murray, who misleads his readers by identifying himself as an unbiased source in reality is a paid flack for the anti-ICA forces funded by the EU. Wolfe Murray's anti ICA piece is equally dishonest. He takes the US Congress to task for trying to change Romania's adoption law when he knows that the current Romanian law was not the product of internal debate in Bucharest but was foisted on the Romanian government by EU officials. American legislators simply want Romania to be free to implement the legislation Romanian officials themselves drafted - a law that allowed ICA as part of a basket of child welfare choices, to be applied in each instance for the best interests of the child.

11/28/05 Snowflakes and the media. Adoption chat groups have been preoccupied recently by the full page ad in this month's Adoptive Families magazine advertising embryo adoption. It seems that this concept comes as quite a shock. How much more shocked would people be if they realized that the money for this ad came from a $1,000,000 appropriation from the federal budget for "embryo adoption education."?

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