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March 2022

March 9, 2022. DOS Update on Ukraine. The State Department has issued an update on Ukraine which states that "our understanding is that children may depart Ukraine with their legal guardians, who are often the orphanage directors, if other required criteria are met." This is good news for humanitarian organizations and other groups who are attempting to bring Ukrainian children out of the war-ravaged country. This update also contains detailed information for those families who have previously hosted children from Ukraine. We urge everyone involved to read this important update which can be accessed here.

March 4, 2022. Ukrainian Brothers Set for U.S. Adoption Separated By War. Aaron and Breanna Andrews were in the process of adopting three brothers from Ukraine. All they know now is that Daniil, the eldest, has been separated from his two younger brothers and moved to a safer area in Ukraine. CCAI adoption services has 81 children from Ukraine in the process of being adopted. Like Daniil, and Misha, 16, and Andrii, 17, in the process of going to a different family, Ukrainian children adopted into the United States, are older children with no domestic adoptions or sibling groups. Both Co-Executive Director Diane Kunz and Ryan Hanlon of the National Council for Adoption commented on the plight of these children, who are caught up in the worst conflict in Europe since the Second World War. More Information.

March 3, 2022. A Small Subsection of the War in Ukraine's Littlest Victims. Ukraine is, among other things, a hub of the international surrogacy world. Because foreigners can enter into legally binding surrogacy arrangements in that country, many of the approximately 2,500 babies born each year to surrogates have intended parents from the United States, Europe, Israel or China. (Gay parents cannot make such arrangements but some Ukrainian surrogacy clinics work around that restriction by having the surrogates deliver in Cyprus.) The fate of the gestational carriers as well as the unborn children is now at risk in almost unthinkable circumstances. To read more, please click here.

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